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Year 5

We are Year 5. We have two classes; 5K, whose teachers is Mr King and 5B, whose teacher is Mr Blair. Read the Year 5 Curriculum letter and for this term and our latest newsletter.

Spring Term 2022 - Artic Explorers

Scott of the Antartic(1)

Throughout Spring 1, Year 5 pupils will be learning about Artic Explorers.  They will be learning about the most sifnificant events of early Artic exploration and how Robert Falcon Scott's fatal mission ended in defeat in the 'Race to the Pole'.  The children will also research information about living thins and their habitats linked specifically to Antartica.  They will be continuing to develop their fictional and non-fictional writing based on their learning about the life and adventures of Robert Falcon Scott and writing their own Artic diary entries.

For further information regarding the curriculum for Spring Term 1, please click on the Year 5 Curriculum link above.

Testing the New Gym equipment!

Year 5 pupils were the first year group to test out the newly installed outdoor gym equipment on the school site.  The children enjoyed learning about the different levels of challenge on each piece of apparatus to encourage children to improve their individual levels of fitness.

Autumn Term 2021 Space - Space.... what drives humans to explore the unknown?

During Autumn term 1, the children were finding out information about space.  They enjoyed a trip to Winchester Science Centre to explore the solar system and learn about the incredible distances involved in the universe.  The children created their own piece of astronaut space art before designing and building their own unique planet.

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