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School uniform:

We have noticed that the standard of school uniform has begun to slip and from September the expectated uniform are:


Grey skirt, pinafore dress or trousers

Royal blue or gold polo shirt

Royal blue jumper or cardigan

School fleece (for wearing outside)


Grey trousers or shorts

Royal blue or gold polo shirt

Royal blue jumper

School fleece (for wearing outside)

P.E. kit

Green polo shirt

Black shorts

Optional green hoodie and black tracksuit trousers



Hair needs to be tied back if longer than shoulder length and all long hair should be tied back for P.E. and technical activities.  No extreme haircuts will be acceptable.


Sturdy school shoes which offer a good level of support should be worn - not trainers or casual shoes

All school uniform with the Hungerford Primary logo can be ordered and purchased from the supplier, Price and Buckland.